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Photo by Si Hands

Gus McEwan has been a photographer since the age of 12. He won his first award as a photographer aged 16 at an international competition in abstract photography.

Half Scottish and half Portuguese Gus has toured the world with commissions for a number of international clients, including National Geographic, Vogue, The Guardian and Google. In 2014 Gus won a prestigious award by the British Journal of Photography for the best music moment of the year in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Gus taught low-light and street photography at the London School of Photography since 2009. He has also mentored and supervised a number of final year photography undergraduates who are keen to explore and experiment with low-light photography.

In 2011 Gus created Gus McEwan Photography which today includes 3 other photographers that work together in a cooperative (Gus McEwan Photography), catering largely for the corporate world by creating high quality portfolios for client publications, and covering street events all around the world.

This website only exhibits a small collection of our work. We always prioritise the work that we have been commissioned to do, but this is seldom available on the public face of our website (unless the client specifically asks us to). However, because we only license time limited copyright, some shoots in our nearly 1 million photos archive will be slowly released over time.

If you have a specific photoshoot in mind that you would like to access via this website please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Some of our commercial work is also available through our partner agency, Alamy (UK).